Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that the 24th edition of the Romanian-German Course is already on its way and is taking place online, April 9-11. As the theme of this upcoming edition is Spine, we will aim at offering tips and tricks on the varied spine pathology from the perspective of both the experienced practitioner and that of the new therapeutic guidelines.

What started as a small gathering has now become a meaningful event for sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences, and above all knowledge regarding the neurosurgical field. The growing numbers of participants each year had a significant impact on the evolution of this event. Therefore, we truly hope that this year’s edition, although exclusively virtual, will bring us together and will reach far more than it has ever done to connecting people that share the same interests and passion: neurosurgery.

It is thus a great pleasure to invite you all at the 24th edition of the Romanian-German Course as we will be your host during the online event. We are also confident in the future success of this meeting as, hopefully, it will lead to meaningful experiences both from professional and personal perspectives.

Looking forward to welcoming you,

Prof. Ioan-Ștefan Florian, M.D, Ph.D
Course Co-President

Dear Students, dear Residents, dear Neurosurgeons,

the pandemic has changed so many things and nothing will be as it was before – at least most things….
Due to the pandemic we had to cancel our Romanian-German Course last year, which was almost completely organized. This year a face-to-face meeting is still not possible, that´s why we decided to do an online course. However, we will plan a new Romanian-German Course with physical attendance as soon as it will be possible.

We will keep the special subject of last year: Spine. Spine is a very important part of our neurosurgical daily work. Especially degenerative spine diseases are getting more and more important with the demographic changes of our societies. We are happy that we could win many Romanian and German experts again, who will share their experience with you.

This course has already a long tradition with up-dating our knowledge, presenting state of the art, but also demonstrating different techniques of solving cases in our daily routine.

We thank Prof. S. Florian for inviting us again to this extraordinary meeting and we are looking forward to see you healthy at the 2021 online Romanian-German Course.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Uwe Kehler, M.D, Ph.D
Course Co-President

Invited speakers

We are honored by the participation of highly esteemed international faculty members:

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